I recently had a conversation with this other friend of mine. She basically touched on the issue of fake pastors versus real pastors. but this was not what the objective.The objective was where then does one go? what does one do and not do?

Basically, this is was as a result of the DOOM PASTOR. My friend had a concern of people not doing what they should do especially because they have no knowledge. The question was, ‘can one identify a real one from a fake one?’. Certainly not everyone is gifted in that area, right? But then, what do we do? WHAT WOULD YOU EVEN DO IF YOU FOUND OUT THAT EVEN YOUR PASTOR, THE ONE YOU BELIEVE IS REAL IS FAKE?

Firstly, We STOP judging. We SHUT our mouths and not talk out loud things we are not sure of, because people who know, people that are gifted are unable to speak out. The only thing they can do is to show the way-the right way and shut up-AND APPARENTLY IT IS TORTURE FOR THEM.

The fact is, had Jesus used DOOM, we’d find reasons to justify it on this Pastor. Just as we see water and oil appropriate today. Like it was said that the other pastor walked on air, and was named ‘fake’. but didn’t Jesus walk on waters?

Secondly, We stop limiting God in his work.

The problem is that we think God is limited. we think God cannot use whatever he sees fit to use. We think God operates within the capacity of our minds. In fact we are reducing Him to that. How much sense does it make that the Bible says, ‘Y’all were sand/soil’ BUT NOW WE HAVE FLESH AND BLOOD??? No sense. So if people believe in that Sand and Blood thing, why then would they reduce their God this much? Didn’t Jesus use saliva for the blind at some point???

It’s more like you are sending yourself to hell-The very same hell you’re sending other people.

She was not saying people should or should not go to these churches. BUT DO NOT JUDGE, Because immediately you do-YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THEM. And yes, she said she wouldn’t go these churches because it makes no sense to her. BUT SHE DOESN’T KNOW IF IT’S GOD WORKING THERE OR NOT. To some it makes no sense from oil and water we claim to be appropriate, they just pray and things will be good! They believe God will work in a way He wants.

Lastly, you focus on your own faith. You grow your own faith. and if people need to see Jesus, they’ll look in your eyes!

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