01 Judge

We hide and cover ourselves with the hope that our dark side is not going to be known or exposed. What we do not realise is that, When we begin to judge people, we are the ones exposing ourselves, we are the ones putting our dark sides out there without even realising.

Telling the truth versus judging. I don’t think I can still figure it out. I mean telling the truth comes from a loving heart, whilst judging comes from a boasting heart. A way in which we point out someone’s mistake determines how they are going to respond.

I really believe it is also a two-way street. Every time someone feels judged they should also ask themselves if the feeling was a result of the other person being rude or it is simply because they we telling you the truth you never wanted to hear. We judge people all the time. It is more it’s our calling. We decide which behaviour is appropriate and which one is not. we also decide which dressing code is appropriate and which one is not. So, every time we judge others we should also realise that mostly our opinions come from the point of vulnerability to shame and inadequacy, so we try to find someone who is way more bad than us. When we find that person we, then, decide what needs to be decided on how bad they are. Just like shaming comes from telling a person that his identity is wrong, rather than his actions.

I honestly believe in “People are not what they do.” People are divine. They are magnificent. Nothing can they ever do that we alter the truth of who they are. Situations propels people to act in a certain way – A way in which we’d regard it as bad. A murderer – his actions were triggered by something he couldn’t control at that moment. I see this as sickness. Just like the mentally ill would kill-this wouldn’t mean he is a bad person – his illness made him do it. That is why then it is difficult for me to believe in the fact that God punishes. We already punish these people on earth. We sentence them and some we kill them. If you killed, we kill you. If you raped, we rape you as well. I know God looks at the heart then decides – which is way better.

Maybe I need to have one truth between: people are not what they do and God loves, and does not punish. Or maybe cut them both or take them both.

But if we really sat down with ourselves and asked ourselves this question about all these people we mostly judge: Do we think people are doing their best to be okay and to change?

And if the answer is NO – Then we look at it this way – what if God came down and said to you, “She is really doing all in her power to be a better person.” How will our thinking and perception change?

We are way more than this. We can do far more than this. We are of One and THEREFORE WE ARE ONE.

People are doing the best they can. They’ve got the will power, it just not as strong and solid as ours.

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