I once heard two women arguing on how feminism contradicts culture and religion. They had defined feminism and I remember the first time I heard the word I actually asked a friend what it meant, and she said: anti-men.

I was a little disturbed because it was too broad. Anti-men? How? Like do these people say they don’t want to get married? do they say they don’t want anything to do with men? I was pretty confused. So I followed up on it.

And what I had discovered is this:

I really do not think feminism has a specific definition, I just think it’s a term used for a woman to have a voice and it gives women full participation in decision-making concerning their lives.

I often see ‘feminists’ judging others for to being housewives, saying they’re not feminists if they behave this way or if they do certain things. I am often disturbed by this kind of thinking. I honestly think basics are important.

Feminism is about a woman making a decision about their life, right? This then, means The issue is not you are not a feminist if you are a housewife. However, it is this: Do you want to be a housewife? whether your answer is a yes or no you are feminist. You made and took a decision about your own life without being forced or influenced by culture, but by your own needs and inner wisdom.

This is feminism. Taking charge and reclaiming yourself as a woman. Feminism might not be what we think it is. Maybe then, this opens a room for husbands to ask their wives, “what do you want to do?” then honour that.

We can build a better society if we can only treat our women like we should. Women are the world carriers. everything that is created by someone, is through a woman. You never, never doubt that magnificent being.


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