We tend to get so thrown away by the way things turn out when we least expect. This is evidence on how we think we are so much in control of life.

Today we should decide to let life unfold. We should learn that we are going to work as the sun shines. And as it goes down, we’ll rest. We are to value our work regardless of the outputs.

We are to understand that life is for us to live and we are to live it.  No matter how we fall, we stand up tomorrow. We try, and try, and try. We wage forward. We try forward. Life is forever tries. You grandparents tried and tried, and tried. Our parents tried, and tried, and tried.

We try to forgive. We try to love. we try to be better people. We are trying to access all that is available to us. We’ll try to breathe, and we’ll try speak with our shaky voices. We are forever tried.

Remember, life is not linear. it’s a circle that goes up – just like a spring. However, having colours vertically. FAILURE – SUCCESS – HAPPINESS – PAIN. You’ll go round in circle experiencing all four but going up to the next level. Each level has all the four colours and we are to embrace each season or colour.

Remember to offer yourself some mercy and talk to yourself like you’d talk to the love of your life when they are feeling down.

Remember to try forward and forever!!


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