A recovery meeting where all are now naked, tired and seek redemption. What’s like at the recovery meeting?
There is no judgement. Here, we realise that we’ve all fell short of the glory. Here, we realise how ridiculous of a mess we are. It is in this place where now, all of a sudden, it makes sense.

We wonder what world is this? We are in awe of how we are able to come before each other bursted, broken and still immensely loved. It is in this place where we meet the Jesus in each other. It is in this place where we confess our sins to each other.

Isn’t this the church?

Isn’t this the place where we take our masks off and be real?

Is everyone worthy of a seat in this church? Are drunkards worthy of a seat? Are murderers worthy of a seat? Are addicts worthy of the seat? Are muslims worthy of a seat? Are the refugees worthy of the seat? Are pastors worthy of a seat?

Y.E.S! EVERYONE IS IN! There is no “either” nor “or” – it is ALL and BOTH or NEITHER!!

This is the revolutionary church. Where women are able to voice their issues without being suppressed. This is the new church where we all know – unashamedly know that, we also, are worthy of love.

This the new church – Where we feel and see the Christ in everyone saying, “You are such a hardcore mess, bursted- but not destroyed. And I invite you. I invite you to a better life. You don’t need to die for you to experience the grace. I am here for that.”

This is a place where ‘repent’ is foreign. People here don’t understand such big words. Repent is HUGE. Just like TRUST. And PASSION. And HOW ARE YOU. These words don’t exist. They are foreign. Because people in this heaven asks themselves, “What does she mean by ‘repent’? Does she think I want to be an addict? Does she think I want to complicated my life this way? What the hell does she mean by ‘I don’t trust you’ Does she know I can’t even trust myself? Does she know that I don’t believe that I can do what I don’t want to do? Do they know that I too, like Paul, do what I do not want, and that What I do want I do not do? Is it because my ‘sin’ is too visible unlike theirs?”

These words don’t exist. Here we do not add words that reduces or subtract grace, just like my favourite authors says. Words like, God loves the sinner – but hates the sin. WE STOP AT –GOD LOVES. Phrases like, God helps those who help themselves. GOD HELPS.

This a place where each one of us is honestly, brutally and bluntly representing God. This place is where we find witnesses of the gospel.

A place we’d love to be at everyday. People we’d love to live with. We have no wonder here. We know this: Even if you really know me, really knowing me – You’d still love me.

Here we don’t wonder, however we know this: We are worthy even in the midst of our mess.


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