The last year of my high school was the most longest, tiring and depressing year I’ve ever had. I realised that I was is so much pain that I actually never dealt with. I had great people in my life, I still do. I had people whom just being around made me happy.


Because it’s our last year of high school we had to work hard, which I didn’t have a problem with. However, with working hard we often dump the important things. We numb the pain and we also disregard our emotions. We are focused on the future that we neglect the most important things – Things that would really matter at our death bed.


We won’t value the fact that we graduated with distinctions, we really might not! However, we will value how we impacted the people around us, how we spent time listening and helping our loved ones. How we were able to lift the heads of our friends.


We often have to wonder this: if you were to be given three years to live, how would you spend the three years? What would be you highlights for the three years? How would you like to be remembered?


Don’t we think our lives would be the same if we lived according to the answers of the above questions? To some it would change drastically. But since life is forever tries, let’s try and live to our highest expressions daily, especially because  your three years could tomorrow. Your life might not end in three years but today.


In my high school I was really depressed. No one knew, and no one noticed. It was simply because of the people around me. I realised that pain needs to be felt. If you don’t feel your own, your loved ones will feel it. So let’s spend time with our people. Let’s just be there and even if we are quiet. Being quiet is the most beautiful thing, because the communication between the people transcends beyond the physical and it’s deepest and most sincere.

We always have to look at the sky and realised that the One who is holding it together and beautifully is also holding our lives together and beautifully.


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