A non-racial society, Is it possible?

“Race is an easy button in South Africa.”

I certainly not believe the statement, if you are conscious of how the system benefits the white population you’d then realise that people are not hiding behind the race card.

what can it really take to have a non-racial community?

I think this would work: Teaching black people self love, this should be the duty of parents and the media should also acknowledge that there’s beauty in blackness. Our education system should deal more with the black history and colonialism, so that white people understand why black people are hurt, and feel betrayed. This would make sense, as it would create an environment where people acknowledge the mistakes in the past,and how they’re benefiting from it.

Our education system should also include an education on white privilege. White privilege has nothing to do with the balance on your bank account. There are things which other races would not be able to get done because of their race, but you as a white man can.

White people should also stop asking this question: When are the black people going to forget, so that we can all move forward? It is the fault of our ancestors, not ours.

Rather they should ask this: When are we going to stop benefiting from what our forefathers did, so we can all move forward? Our ancestors fault, implicated the lives of others today. How do we fix it?

I really think we do not need answers, but knowledge is very important. It can do wonders to how we transform our society.


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