Is God really unconditional love?

It is just as hard for me to believe in a God that punishes. I do not sense where the unconditional love that we are told God is meets with punishing.

Someone had said: It’s the same way as a parent who would discipline their child for disobedience.

And I was still not convinced. Disciplining a child takes only few minutes. Sending someone to jail normally has a time frame(Mind you that jail is not meant to be a punishment, rather a rehabilitation center- where you go and reflect on what you did and you go and talk to the Spirit in you. Which is what will guide you)

Hell on the other hand sounds forever. The very same person said it is justice. I was questioning myself, justice for who, and against who?

How can we lose the fact that people are spiritual beings, and that anything they do with the mind and the body only might be hurtful to others or to themselves even, because they have separated from the truth of who they are.

If God is love. Love that is unconditional, then we should question the punishing issue. I believed in people creating their own hell on earth. They torment themselves by tormenting others. They are never at peace, and they do not experience joy. It’s all because they have separated themselves from their real selves(Which is the Spirit).

Can love be unconditional, yet when someone does something is sent to hell? Surely then, there is some condition to the love.

If we are also more spiritual and not religious, we should wonder why do we want others to be punished when we understand spirituality? where does the desire for them to be punished originates? is it really from the Spirit or our own ego (and mind and body- just like they live their lives)?

Let’s begin to be more spiritual than religious.



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