I am a Christian?

I am still a Christian.

Yes, I know that most of my speaking seems to not be in support with the truth that I am still a Christian.

Christianity for me was a given thing. I never chose it. I was born and my parents decided to take me to church, and whenever I do not want to go, my mom would say: I am going to lock my house, and all my gates, and I do not want to see anybody in here. When I come back from Church I want to find your room clean, and probably the whole house.

So it was difficult for me not to go. Just like most people I also grew up not in good talking terms with the Lord, I just thought He was angry at me for the wrong stuff I did.

As I grew up, I now had to make a choice, and I now I had to ask difficult questions.

Why am I a Christian?

I am a Christian because, At a young age, I got amazed of how  the Christ I read about was so wonderful. He was loving and very accepting. He was not tolerating people. He couldn’t make one feel worse about themselves. He listen, and listened, and listened.

I was very much interested on how He treated the sinners. I loved that. I was mesmerized by the adversity that He had to face, and the triumph thereof.

So I realised- Christ and Christianity? Holy Crap! We are called by his name. So then, this change my whole thought process. Christianity, for me, was a way of life. It was a lifestyle. Not a religion. It is spiritual.

I got angry of how Pastor and Reverend have presented this to me. Christianity for me was saying: This is a lifestyle for HUMANS. Human means you are bursted, and messy, and gracefully loved. That meant I was not going to be defined by mistakes. That meant I was not going to be defined by the thoughts and the Pastor’s voice won’t hunt me at night telling me I am going to hell.

I couldn’t handle the joy, and the freedom that came with that. So yes, Christianity is an everyday life- it taught me that life is forever tries. It taught me that I was created in power, and majesty and unconditional love. And I refuse to be told otherwise.

I am a Christian because I want to be like Christ. I want to help the poor. I want to help healing, I want to triumph evil. I want t experience heaven on earth. I want a constant reminder that I can triumph adversity.

I question a lot. I have atheist friends, who don’t believe in God, and sometimes they ask me question on the rules. What I always say is: Read the bible, pray, you may go t church(but you must note that the church might not help you in your objective to be Christ like and also the church tend to forget that not everyone is at the same balance of faith and spirituality) and help the poor, whatever that needs to be fixed in your life(your sinful behaviour) God has it sorted out (please note that you should not be doing bad to others- as this is objectively wrong – But whatever you find it be a gray area- it’ll be sorted out as you become Christ like). You focus on God, and He will do his work in you. No one can do anything without Him, Even the ones who seem holy (or are holy) It’s not them, its God helping and sustaining them.

In Christ, I focus on what I can do, because I know that I’ll be sustained and corrected as I become Christ like.

So yes, I am a Christian, because Christ is love and I want to be that.



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