The mind versus the Spirit

In all honesty, for me to decide not to do something is for all the reasons I would do it. It’s never about why I wouldn’t do it. Because I know for sure that my mind will search for all the evidence on why I can’t or shouldn’t or wouldn’t do something. I love my mind – it’s my faithful servant. It searches and it sometimes finds things I didn’t even want to know. But that’s its job – to protect me even when I am doing nothing significant.


 Basically, the Spirit gives you the knowing, and the mind searches for evidence. If your spirit is conscious of the knowing, because the you do not hesitate to do anything, then things will go pretty well. However, If you do hesitate, your mind begins to affirm the hesitation, then you have all the evidence you need to not do something.
Let’s try not to hesitate and just begin to do things.

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