Social Anxiety is real

Social anxiety is real. It’s not a phase. To me, however, I sometimes deal with it like I do with fear. I tell my fear this: I know you’re here and your job is to protect me, but I can’t allow you to make decisions for me every time.

This, however, does not make unreal. It’s real and it is to be recognised by people around us. It’s people like us who would send friends to do things on our behalf. It’s people like us who would ask a friend to ask a question in class because we feel like we can’t. It’s people like us who don’t need to explain why are we not going to an event.

I always say to my friends: Yeah, you may invite me – I’ll tell you if I don’t make it.

By this I do not mean to be a disappointment. However, I cannot go out just because someone wants me to. Every time I do something I do not want I feel like I have betrayed myself. This betrayal is greater than any because I believe I am the only one who can protect myself from betrayal- Now that it’s me who is doing it, it really becomes a problem.

We need people around us not judge us. We need them to understand that we do want to be with them and have fun, it’s just that sometimes it cannot happen. Maybe we can do this: Appreciate one another, say no if you feel like someone will never learn because every time they send you to the work.

The only way to build a better world is by acknowledging that we are dfferent, but we are madly in love still.


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