With God about friends

It’s 02:30 am. I am feeling quite overwhelmed. I am feeling quite full. I know also that a part of me is happy.

What do I do in this hour?

I give thanks for life. I give thanks for my friends and family. I ignore my friends so much that It really hit me today. I am this overwhelmed because I’ve got truth in me. I need to put it down.

I focus a lot in making myself a better person. I work hard and I improve myself in any way I could. However, I tend to forget that the relationships I am in with people transcends beyond everything.

In this hour, It’s me and God ONLY!! No other person. In most hours of my day there’s a third person between me and God.

So I tell God that my friends are my greatest treasure and that sometimes I feel lonely, but I probably do not know what lonely actually means.

God tells me this: Do not disregard your feelings, they are real. Recognise them and adjust accordingly. Yes. You sometimes feel lonely, but maybe that is not the issue. The issue is why do you think you feel lonely? What is that you’re trying resist or to not learn about yourself that you feel “less than” when you have to be alone with yourself?

I try answer God: But am I not human? Am I not supposed to feel filled and happy with friends and family?

God patiently says: True. Then, stop trying to think you are not human. You are fully human, and that is why you have to experience all feelings of being human. You ought to feel lonely so that you pass love to others. You ought to feel rejected so that you may be accepting. These are your feelings, love them cherish them, learn from them, that’s why now we are going to talk about the friends you feel you have neglected.

Let’s try to remember our friends who, without our knowledge, fought for us and carried us when we needed them to. Let’s talk to God about them. Let’s remind God on how good their hearts are. Let’s remind God that they are still the flowers of this world and they need His light, and water, and care. Let’s include our every day friends who never tell us their issues. Our everyday friends who suffer daily in silence. Those who are burdened but we are unable to see through them.



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