Stop screwing yourself over.

Very often we tend to rub salt in our wounds. We tend to go to people we know all they good at is hurt us. We often put our hands on a hot plate and still wonder why we burnt. Basically, we are screwing ourselves over.

We cannot ignore the fact sometimes we can’t help but go back to the hurt. That is why we need to understand this:

Every feeling demands to be felt.

Every experience demands to be experienced.

And every hunger demands to be filled.

So we have to understand that if we are lonely, for instance, and we use others to avoid being lonely we are still going to feel lonely with the person. If we are pained, and we refuse to feel it, we are simply going to pass it on someone else, and this someone else is mostly likely your loved one.

How about we cut ourselves some lack. Let’s allow ourselves to be human and experience these human feelings. Let’s start by forgiving ourselves every time we turn to the hurt. Let’s be patient and compassionate with ourselves. And let’s have faith that once we know better, our decisions and actions will be better. We will, bit by bit, quit screwing ourselves over.




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