I just heard an argument on how to and why regulate male masturbation. I thought to myself: That’s an interesting argument.

I am also discussed my views on abortion with friends last week, they are Christians so it was quite a faith discussion, and this is what I said:

I personally put abortion, masturbation, and contraceptive in one box. I just see them as one.

My friends widened their eyes and gave me this ‘you’re crazy’ look. And I told them to relax. This is my only view. I do realise that some will argue in terms of the timing, for example pregnancy means there’s a human being in you unlike birth control.

But my thing is, for you to be on birth control means you’re preventing the consequences of your sexual behaviour. Why would you need to prevent life? You’re preventing the very same thing a woman who was raped couldn’t. So you cannot judge her for aborting the baby.

I know that some say, sperm is life, yeah I get it. That’s why then if we are going to be pro-life then can we be more concerned about life after birth. There are many kids suffering , and dying of hunger and we fail to regulate and help and be concerned about those.

So my question also, is if we are going to be pro-life, Let’s decide now and answer this question: What is it that we are fighting? What is our ultimate objective? Is it to reduce abortion rates? Is it to instil morality among people? What are we preserving?

If we are aiming to reduce abortion rates, why then are we not supporting the birth controls and have safe sex with all teenagers. Have shelters where women can ‘dump’ their babies anonymously.

if we are going to instil morality, why don’t we then not shame people who have aborted and start having conversations about what it womanhood means and all its remarkable capabilities. Also have sex talks with boys and men, so we curb rape.

Once we start shaming people we are losing it. We shame people who are aborting babies as if the ones using birth controls could be any different. Let’s first find the objective then do like we supposed to. We should also stop be control freaks on people’s lives.

Let’s start by measuring our performance on life for on the kids who are already born. By feeding and clothing and loving and cherishing  the kids and women who  had abortion we could have a better world.

It’s either we are for life or we are not. or if we are both, maybe we can choose that life after birth is a priority.


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