He doesn’t calm the storm. He walks in the storm with you.

I let this sink every time I face a difficult time. I try to learn that God’s aim is never to stop the storm. His aim is never to make it all vanish.

We say we want growth. We say we want success. We say we want to be happy. The problem comes when we want success without knowing that there’s failure.

So God, because he loves us, He gives us all we requested, but before that, he needs to ensure that you’re capable of holding the blessing. So he asks himself: Is this person transformed? Is their heart in good condition? Does he know how lack feels like?

Then he realises that you’re still vulnerable to handle this thing that you want. So he decides that calming the storm will only benefit you now, and preserve you from pain but the suffering gets to be  greater because it’s for life time.

Let’s ask things from God also accepting that we need to be transformed.

The storm is for us. Never to us.

Let’s storm over!!



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