Deal with your pain now!

We often grow up to a lot of pain, disappointments and shame. Our parents never relate to this void or unusual feeling we experience. They often say, “There’s no such a thing. It’s just a delusion. Go sleep, you’ll wake up better.” This then, plants fear in us. We begin to feel all alone, and trapped, and different. We then, shun it. We never talk about it because we are scared of being ridiculed.

child depre

The problem now, is that we trap these feelings and hurt from our childhood in us. We feel overwhelmed because we are full of truth – full of hurtful truth. The only way to relieve ourselves and to not burden ourselves is through pouring it out.

We often never do. We never deal with this. As a result, our hurt 10-year-old comes back crying in our 20-year-old body. We avoid the small child still. The child comes back at 25. We avoid the poor soul again. Now, what we don’t realise is if we do not deal with our childhood pain now, it will haunt us. We will be small hurt children in adults’ bodies.

Moreover, it gets worse as we will be raising kids. Babies feel the energy in their parents. Because we now failed dealing with our pain, it goes on to the ones we love. Our babies will grow with the void.

The worst thing we do is that we want to preserve them from this pain we suffered growing up without realising that we are the ones soaking them in it. Our kids are supposed to feel and deal with their own pain, never ours.

We claim to love ourselves, but we don’t actually realise how much we hate ourselves. Moreover, we claim to love others, but we are actually lying to ourselves.

Deal with your pain now. It comes back. You do not want to be a crying child in an adult’s body.

Be brave. It’s hard, and You’re bigger. You’re way too capable. Do it. There’s only N.O.W.

Love you.


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