Ever feel like everything is going wrong in your life?

I feel somewhat off like 90% of it. My friends normally say, “but you seem happy.” I am happy. I just made peace with the fact that we will experience all these raging feelings about how things are bad.

I am kind of depleted on the level of whining and sometimes crying. I did all that, and still nothing was ever fixed. I believe, at this moment, that the time I am going insane It is actually the time I should be calm. Being calm is difficult when you have a raging anxiety of what should be right.

I thought of maybe I should do this. Every time I am scared of doing something or when those raging negative feelings and thoughts erupt, I start communicating with them. For example, at this moment I feel like I am not making any progress. I feel like everything is just shattering. However, I need to physically write down what is good at this point in time.

I know that my loved ones are not sick. I know that I am physically well. I know that helped someone to smile.

So not everything is going bad. It’s just both. Bad and good moving together. We put too much focus on this bad thing. Our mind exaggerates the situation.

I want balanced thoughts. I want life thoughts. Good and bad. But being human I want more good.

I fix my eyes on this. while I feel bad emotionally. It’s not all good, but my eyes want to see the good.


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