Parenting 1.

Most parents make me doubt about having my own kids. I think of my childhood and I get to be a little angry at some of the things. I always think at this age it is important to ask: Why do I want kids?

Why is it necessary that I have my biological kids and not just take any abandoned kids and raise them?

Well, the common answer is about bloodline, and the legacy, and growing the family.

This then, shows me how we limit our answer to the question. We only focus more on having kids, but we never think deeper on the things we want our kids to learn. We forget that what we leave in the hearts and veins of our kids is way much greater than the bloodline and the legacy.

I still believe most parents never think about this. It is good to take out policies for our kids to survive when we die, but it is way much great if we have confidence that our kids have capabilities of coping with live when we are no longer there. 

We also miss it when we teach our children that achievements become their identity. When we teach our kids that being the top of your class is the thing, they often feel shitty when they no longer holding such positions.

How did we change the world to be a better place, that we decided that it is a very good place for our kids? I think everyone who is planning to have kids should fight against patriarchy, and poverty, and racism, and rape, and religious condemnation, etc.

We need to ensure that our kids are not going to start over, however they’re going to finish off our work and begin their own revolution.

Your parenting has got to be way more than just personal. It IS universal.


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