Weep! It’s at night!!

At night the only thing is to stay with the pain. The grief feels much greater because everyone seems to be dead. The void is much greater because no one is there. We look up but all there is, is darkness.

We cry, Of cause it is the night.

We weep. Of cause  it is the night.

We let them abandon us. Of cause it is at night.

We can only feel it. Let it all deal with us.

We, however, hold on hope that we do not even have. We no longer have a voice to cry with. We are deeply hurt, and lost.

But the good news is the only truth. Weep last only for the night, Joy comes in the morning.

We are done. We are transforming through the night.

It shall rise. The clouds will fade away. A new life, with new standards is taking over.

Let’s burn. It is at night!


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