Parents crushed your dreams?

We can at least say that our past experiences shaped our present lives and continues to shape our future.
Our parents grew up in a time and in a world that needed survival.  They grew up during a time where dreams are only dreams, not realities.
Our parents grew up in a society that needed them to provide monetary value, no matter how unpleasant the process was.

This is what we can do. We can only forgive them, we forgive them for crushing our dreams. We can forgive our parents for being the best critics to our dreams and creativity.

We fully understand that they were never people who do A.R.T, they had a J.O.B. We fully understand that creativity for them was only a hobby and a way for them to just set a good mood.

Our generation has a lot to do. We've got dreams to achieve and we also have our parents to appreciate and forgive. Our ignorance overlooked their fear which was a result of their experiences.

We thank them for thinking about our future.


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