We Question, Life Answers.

There is a time where we are just operating at a minimum, our strength diminishing. We are tired! We are tired of waging on. We are tired of keeping on. We are tired of hoping. We are tired of existing.

Why did our Creator think we can handle life?
Why did our Creator think we can have faith?
Why did our Creator think we are able to fight?

I gave up trying to find answers. I think answers are sometimes toxic. I know that answers are hard work, they need us to dig deeper, and I am surely not up for this.

I think having right question is a good thing. I think we can survive on that. Life is a mystery on its own, we’ll find answers as we live.

We are not the problem. Mother earth is. Why does She operate on such difficult principles?

We are, However, grateful for the mercy. We are also grateful for people who smile at us when we are at our lowest. We don’t need help – I really think we do not.

Yeterday, we sat with hardship for a second. Today, we sat for 1.5 seconds. We are really improving. This has got to be an achievement!
Today, we will talk with ourselves in a way we would had it been our children in this situation. We are going to be merciful towards the self.

We question. Mother Earth will answer.
We sit and accept grace and mercy. Thank God we are only able to do this!


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