The Gender of God.

The gender of God in my circle of faith is a very burning issue. I still never understand why people are taken off by it. I still don’t understand why should it even be part of discussion when there are other important things to discuss.

Nevertheless, it remains an issue. Every time I address God as a He, my friends get edgy and all hyped up. As a result, I thought I lay it all here why I prefer a She-God.

Firstly, I grew up in a society of strong black women. The love these women had was immeasurable! They looked all these teens and the youth with those compassionate eyes for they have seen it all. This is what God feels like to me. God sounds and feels like grace, and wonder, and mercy.

Secondly, I am very conscious of who wrote the bible, and when was it written. My friends argue that God is displayed as a male figure and thus it means He is male. I find this to be a very last thinking, and a zero use of common sense. The truth is: women have been subdued for ages. The authors of the bible are mostly males. In the ancient times a woman’s job was too basic and simple to be compared to the Devine. The Creator. The Love.

Moreover, the then God is not anything close to Love, and compassion, and mercy, and grace. But very much to do with wrath, punishment, anger.


Lastly, God is Devine Spirit. Which is why I never understand why the gender is an issue. Who tries to put gender on a Spirit? Isn’t gender based on a physical form? Aren’t people who wrote the bible human, meaning they have the same shortfalls we have?

Whilst we argue of who is in or who is out, we are missing the most important work which is feeding and clothing the poor, making people feel safe, and seen, and loved.

Can we honestly say our fathers and brothers today are a good image of what God looks and feels like? I think not.







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