Madiba Day

Though I admire the passion and love people have for uMadiba I still have my own issue.

This day celebrates a huge lie. A lie that overnight people are compassionate and they have passion for giving back. It is a day where Corporate SA and rich people ease their conscious of the marginalised.

Mandela Day does not in anyway change the lives of the people. It is in fact taking advantage of them. We know that the marginalised actually never have any other work, but to receive anything offered to them. We know that they’re vulnerable to any help. We know they’re severely damaged, we also know that they now get to receive food because they can’t plant their own crops. Whites stole from them, and continues to do so. We’re in no way helping or stopping this trade of our brothers and sisters. We still become blacks who enjoy the benefits of whiteness and neglect the transformation agenda in our fancy offices. Black professionals owes black people. Period.
Let’s use this day to add on to our names and our conscious. We do not care for the poor, it is PR for companies and it is make up for individuals.

I know a label of an angry black person will storm out of people’s mouths. However, I think angry is actually a good word. I need to identify myself with this word. What we are angry at, we are able to change.

In two month’s time we should all go check up on the people we have served today. I bet they’d still be hungry, still sad, still broken, still marginalised, still in chains of poverty.

I also bet that we’d still be enjoying our lives.

Let’s go do what we have always done. Living off others!



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