This blog is where I put my thoughts. I am suicidal and you might never realise, it’s because I’ve realised what a waste of a treasure I’d be taking out of the world if killed myself. I really believe life is extremely hard. But suicide is a NO NO. My faith views are of my own – I know for sure that you might never agree with what you will be hearing from me, and that’s okay. I’m often confused when people are defensive when different ideas are shared.

As you read anything from this blog, please note that it’s my own opinions and my own observations and not of any organisation I serve for. You might differ and that’s perfect. This will serve as a tool to go reflect about whatever I say here. We are perfectly designed with differences and that’s what makes us so magnificent. As you happen to read anything and you feel attacked, Please note that it is not my intention.

My intention is to put ideas out there, and also hear others. We are not to change or try convince others. however, we are to make others realize that there’s is the other side of the coin which they may not see.

If I happen to talk about sensitive issues, politely share your thoughts about it. Being a sensitive person you’ll often hear words like “I am scared” thousands times!!

I think, and I write. Sometimes I think as I write so there’d be many grammatical errors and punctuation. I do not proof read, nor edit any of the posts because I am an over-thinker, I am most likely to change my mind about what I have got to say, thus apologies.

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