This blog is where I put my thoughts, feelings and observations.

I really believe life is extremely hard for some of us who are extremely sensitive. I also believe that in the hot mess loneliness is where we find God. My views on faith are extremely personal – I know for sure that you might never agree with them, and that’s okay.


Marla explains well how I feel about life.

This blog has nothing to do with organisations I serve under or belong to. I think it is important to reflect and think about what others have got to say and acknowledge the differences, because that is where love is. You were created to voice out your perspective and experiences, be sure to do justice to the calling.

We are perfectly designed with differences and that’s what makes us so magnificent. As you happen to read anything and you feel attacked, Please note that it is not my intention.

My intention is to put ideas out there, and also hear others. We are not to change or try convince others. However, we are to make others realize that there’s is the other side of the coin which they may not see.

If I happen to talk about sensitive issues, politely share your thoughts about it.

I think, and I write. Sometimes I think as I write so there’d be many grammatical errors and punctuation. I do not proof read nor edit any of the posts because I am an over-thinker, I am most likely to change my mind about what I have got to say, thus apologies.