Transgender kid.

Living in a world of selfish people makes life a very long and unpleasant journey. This is one thing I learnt: I have to use my privilege to speak up about things , before they personally affect me.  I do not personally know of any transgender kid. But I do know that they have it […]

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White supremacy and privilege.

I learnt today that white people have been taught that the world is in a way that they have experienced. This means that they do not have the other lens to look at the worlds, but here’s a good thing: We can always learn. In every civil rights movement this is what you should know: […]

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Madiba Day

Though I admire the passion and love people have for uMadiba I still have my own issue. This day celebrates a huge lie. A lie that overnight people are compassionate and they have passion for giving back. It is a day where Corporate SA and rich people ease their conscious of the marginalised. Mandela Day […]

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The Gender of God.

The gender of God in my circle of faith is a very burning issue. I still never understand why people are taken off by it. I still don’t understand why should it even be part of discussion when there are other important things to discuss. Nevertheless, it remains an issue. Every time I address God […]

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Life has a very funny way of showing us that we need growth, maturity and, sometimes, stability. These are, for sure, the hardest things for me. These mean all sort of hard work, failure, pain, loss, etc. I figured out that it is sometimes not about achieving. This is not what life requires of us. […]



‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ For me, it has nothing to do with externalising love. It has nothing to do with you doing good to and for others. It also has little to do with it being the greatest commandment. BUT. It has a lot to do with internalizing love. This is Jesus challenging me […]


We Question, Life Answers.

There is a time where we are just operating at a minimum, our strength diminishing. We are tired! We are tired of waging on. We are tired of keeping on. We are tired of hoping. We are tired of existing. Why did our Creator think we can handle life? Why did our Creator think we […]

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