What Happened? Our Parents Happened!

After learning about Dr Tsabary I learnt that we grow to unlearn – not to learn. Our greatest desire is not what our parents gave us. They said all the achievement, marriage, kids, money, great social circle is or will be our greatest desire. However, we trust our parents. We believe they know the truth, […]

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Do question God’s presence in your life!

At one point in my life I said: God, where the hell are you when I need you? My friend took offense of this, she said that I should question God and his ways! I instantly replied: I think the f*ck not! Who then do I questions? At that moment I felt a sense of […]

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Dare to be honest in your prayers.

I often tell my friends that there is absolutely nothing shocking about their lives, especially to God. However, we have been taught to hide and be shameful about ourselves. We have been made to cross-dress and act our lives out. Our temples and churches are the biggest proves how of a scam we are! They […]

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Chin Up! Loved. Safe. Learning

Low self-esteem constantly makes us hunger for assurance that we are okay, loved and welcome. I’d like to say I overcame this, but that’d be a lie. The problem with us sensitive people is that it feels like we are more defective than others. It feels like there had been an over-supply of materials and […]

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Memory lane with Traveling Mercies.

I was taken down the memory lane by Lamott on Traveling mercies. I was also raised by my parents to believe that you have a moral obligation to save the world. However, as I got older, my parents were no longer displaying such characters. This had to be the weirdest thing for me. I secretly […]

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Stop hiding your defects over others’.

It is pathetic to call out people on their defects just to make yourself feel better. This is another form of judgement and it is often ignored. Also calling out the bad in people never result in thinking of solutions. Shaming never yield results. It is similar to telling people to repent. Repenting could be […]

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Our greatest instruments of pain.

The human element in us feels good when we blame people for the pain we have. We spend hours, and hours trying to heal it by shifting the blame and hating the people who put us into such turmoil. The thing is people who caused you pain might also be hurting. Whatever is causing an […]

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Transgender kid.

Living in a world of selfish people makes life a very long and unpleasant journey. This is one thing I learnt: I have to use my privilege to speak up about things , before they personally affect me.  I do not personally know of any transgender kid. But I do know that they have it […]

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White supremacy and privilege.

I learnt today that white people have been taught that the world is in a way that they have experienced. This means that they do not have the other lens to look at the worlds, but here’s a good thing: We can always learn. In every civil rights movement this is what you should know: […]

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Madiba Day

Though I admire the passion and love people have for uMadiba I still have my own issue. This day celebrates a huge lie. A lie that overnight people are compassionate and they have passion for giving back. It is a day where Corporate SA and rich people ease their conscious of the marginalised. Mandela Day […]

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