Let’s Sister And Remember.

We live our lives for us, and for others – we show up for them. One thing we can be sure of is that we belong to each other. We are wired for connection, this is the reason we should always REMEMBER. Remember in this case means the opposite of dismember. SISTERING. According to Glennon […]

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Suicide And Addiction.

  In light of a recent suicide by a student. I recall a friend ignorantly saying; People who commit suicide are murders, and they’re going to hell with the rest. I also recall another lady saying; We all have issues, people must just learn how to deal with their sh*t without causing more pain to […]

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Failure And Shame.

“Failing is not a disgrace unless you make it the last chapter of your book.” – Jack Hyles I recently had a discussion with a friend who felt he had disappointed himself beyond measure. He felt like a total failure and there was no way to come back from this. However, this was not the […]

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Kids Are An Expression Of God!

Our kids are born, and they are the most happiest people ever. Why don’t we ever wonder this? Why don’t we ever question it? Our babies are the most spirit-filled beings ever. They are unconditional love at its best. Our babies offer love without ever expecting anything in return. Our babies receive love without having […]

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