Gay People Are An Abomination?

I’ve always expected the church to be a healing place. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case for so many people. If anything, church has stripped the humanity and dignity people have. The very notion that gay people are an abomination communicates a very harmful message to the community. I do not believe that this is […]

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The Dehumanization Of Gay People.

The dehumanization of gay people, especially in black communities, is appalling. The word “Istabane” or “faggot” used toward gay people has an underlying message that carries the same weight the word white people used, during apartheid (and still use) toward black people, “kaffir” This is a pure and raw dehumanization. This says: You do not […]

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Let’s Sister And Remember.

We live our lives for us, and for others – we show up for them. One thing we can be sure of is that we belong to each other. We are wired for connection, this is the reason we should always REMEMBER. Remember in this case means the opposite of dismember. SISTERING. According to Glennon […]

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Suicide And Addiction.

  In light of a recent suicide by a student. I recall a friend ignorantly saying; People who commit suicide are murders, and they’re going to hell with the rest. I also recall another lady saying; We all have issues, people must just learn how to deal with their sh*t without causing more pain to […]

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